Calculating Your Roulette Odds

Calculating Your Roulette Odds

Calculating your roulette odds yourself? That’s easier than you think. Of course you can look up your chances of winning when you play live or online roulette. But it is more pleasant if you also have some insight into your casino opportunities.

In general, calculating your chances of winning in a casino game can be quite complicated. How much chance do you have of a better combination than the dealer in blackjack? Or how much chance do you have of three consecutive win symbols in a slot game? And so with many games you can of course search online for odds and payout tables, but you hardly have any insight yourself. In roulette, however, that is fairly self-explanatory.

Calculating Your Roulette Odds

The basis of roulette is a wheel with 36 numbered squares, from 1 to 36. In addition, there is a zero, and in the case of American roulette even a double zero. As a player you bet on individual numbers or groups of numbers. But whatever bet you make, there is always a given number of outcomes where you win.

You can therefore easily calculate your roulette odds. A few examples:

  • If you play on one number (square or straight up), there is a 1 in 37 chance of the ball landing on your number with European roulette. Because including the zero, there are 37 squares in which the ball can end up and only one of them gives you a winning. So 1 in 37.
  • If you bet on a square (corner), you bet on 4 numbers and your chance of winning that round is 4 in 37.
  •  If you bet on a column, it will be 12 numbers. In that case, your chance of winning is 12 out of 37.
  • With a bet on red you have a prize with 18 red numbers and your roulette chance of winning is therefore 18 out of 37.

So you can calculate exactly what your roulette odds are for every bet. No complicated hassle with different card combinations that may or may not occur.

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