Card Counting In Blackjack

Card Counting

Card counting is by definition a card game strategy that is mainly used by skillful blackjack players. The player tries to keep a mental overview of the cards in the sled. This way you can gain an advantage over the casino by calculating the probability of certain cards in the game.

Is Card Counting Legal in Blackjack?

Another important thing to keep in mind is that although card counting is absolutely legal, the casino is likely to knock you out if you are spotted. When that happens, you should out, exchange your chips and leave the casino. Anyone who resists is likely to be confronted, reported, and in the worst case lost all winnings because they are confiscated.

Hi-Lo Strategy – the Best and Easiest Way

One of the most profitable and perhaps the easiest ways to count cards is the Hi-Lo strategy. The strategy is basically a “running count” technique in which each card has a certain value. The strategy is used to indicate when the ratio of high value cards to low value cards is unbalanced.

Why Simple Card Counting Strategies Are More Useful

For the reasons already mentioned, multi-faceted counting strategies are much easier to recognize for casino employees than simple strategies. A group of counters that play together as a team are very easy to see for surveillance cameras. Secret characters and codes are picked up by the cameras, even if you think nobody will notice them and if they are not noticed immediately, then certainly after checking the tapes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Card Counting

One thing is certain: anything that is actually fraud is not allowed. Methods such as past posting (i.e. a late bet when it is no longer accepted) or base dealing (when a card is not drawn from above but from below) should be considered illegal. Math tools such as calculators on cellphone are of course prohibited on the blackjack table.

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