Caribbean Stud Tips and Strategy

At Caribbean Stud you know that the game is not the most profitable of all casino games. For example, the house edge in Blackjack and Roulette is smaller and therefore yields more profit in the long run.

However, with Caribbean Stud you can also achieve beautiful winnings, and experiencing the fun of the game is also paramount. In addition, there is the jackpot excitement that makes you choose to play this game.

Caribbean Stud House Edge and Basic Strategy

Internet casinos have a few percent advantages up to about 5% depending on the payout schedule on the 2nd bet. But when should people go with them and when to give up the “ante”?

There is a simple strategy at Caribbean Stud that comes very close to the optimal, complicated strategy with a difference of less than 0.01%. We do not focus on the optimal Caribbean stud strategy here, but just give you the basic Caribbean stud tips that also give you enough benefits and are easier to remember. This gives you more guidance while playing this fun casino game:

Here are the main Caribbean Stud Tips:

  • Increase with each pair also with 2.2 against an Ace.
  • Play Ace King when one of your other cards is the same as the bank card. The chance that the bank will have a few of these is smaller. The advantage for you is slightly higher than that of the bank.
  • Play Ace King if the bank also has a king and you also have a Q or J.
  • Play Ace King if the bank does not show A or K and you have a Q and your 4th highest card is higher than the bank card.
  • One last tip to be sure. Never play with less than Ace King. Never be tempted to do this.

By playing this Caribbean Stud strategy, you play optimally. If you find rules 3 and 4 too complicated, stick to rules 1 and 2.

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