Casino News: Auto Roulette

Casino News: Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette Studio from NetEnt Live combines all three variants of roulette and creates a dynamic and exciting digital environment in combination with a real studio environment.

Here you can jump between the wheels and enjoy cool effects. What is special about the game of Auto Roulette Studio is of course that you also have a real live dealer with you on screen while all this fun happens.

Auto Roulette is a form of game that is powered by a machine that makes the game go faster and that it is possible to squeeze in more games per hour. In Classic Auto Roulette, you play in real time, but you do not have a dealer who handles it all, you only see the roulette wheel itself in the picture in many different exciting camera angles.

Rapid Auto Roulette takes place in a realistic studio that makes you feel like you are in a real casino. Every 40 seconds, a new game starts, which means that everything goes at a furious pace – but even here without a dealer. The streaming is in the best HD quality and the animations are well done.

In Auto Roulette Studio you can switch between the three different reels depending on how you want to set up your strategy, which means that many different types of players can find this game very interesting and fun to play.

In addition, the roulette wheels have a tasteful and fluffy design in red and gold that fits well into this innovative concept where you combine several games into one and allow the player to interact and jump between the wheels.

When it comes to Auto Roulette Studio, you get more opportunities to set up different forms of strategies because you can switch between different types of roulette in one and the same game, which makes the whole thing much more entertaining and exciting.

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