Champions League Football Betting for Singapore

Champions League Football Betting

The most important football tournament for teams is the Champions League. Billions of dollars are involved in this tournament and the top teams that participate in it obviously earn a lot of money.

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Of course, if you also want to take advantage of this, you can bet on the Champions League. We will tell you more about the history, setup, dates and odds and betting options of this football league.

UEFA has been organizing a European competition for the best clubs in the continent since 1955. This competition had several names but has been known as the Champions League since 1992. It is the big brother of the Europa League in which the slightly lesser European football clubs to get involved.

There have been 22 different Champions League winners: Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Ajax. They are the most successful teams of all time.

A total of 79 European football clubs then get involved in the Champions League. 32 of these, however, end up in the main tournament.

These 32 teams then follow this set-up:

  • Group stage – eight groups with four teams
  • The best two teams per group will continue
  • Draw for sixteen remaining teams and start knockout phase
  • The eighth finals, quarter-finals and semi-finals consist of a home and away game
  • The grand finale is one game on neutral ground

When Does This Tournament Start and End?

The first qualifying matches for the Champions League start in June. And then follows the start of the main tournament in mid-September. The draw for the knockout phase is mid-December and this second phase of the football tournament starts in February. The final is normally scheduled for late May or early June.

How Does Betting on the Champions League Work?

Champions League betting works just like betting on other football leagues. You can predict a final winner or bet per game. Betting options include:

  • Betting with handicap
  •  Over / under bets
  • Predict exact scores and scorers

Where Can I Bet on Champions League?

You can di this with Singapore WWBET Sportsbook. What you have to do is create your account and then choose your payment options to do the deposit. Next, find a match at Champions League that you want to bet on, choose your amount and press confirm.

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