Five Tips to Win Blackjack at Malaysia WinningFT Casino

Tips for winningft casino

Blackjack is a great game, it is a very simple game to learn. The game combines ease of play and strategy with one of the lowest house edges in the casino.

Read the following five tips carefully and it will help you the next time you play blackjack at Malaysia WinningFT Casino.

Tips #1: Use a Basic Strategy and Stick to It

You should always assume that the next card in the deck will be a 10. Statistically, that chance is the greatest. If you are not sure what to do while playing, use a basic table for blackjack. Asking for a card, passing, doubling the bet or splitting: every next step with every hand of cards has already been thought out for you. Of course, that does not mean that you always win, but it certainly increases your chances of winning. You can download such a table online or simply buy it. Most casinos find it no problem if you have such a pocket-sized card with you. You can also memorize the table. There are many useful apps that can help you with that.

Tips #2: Never Split 10s

Are there two identical cards worth 10 points in front of you? Then never split. The same applies if you have two fives. Because we expect the next card to be a 10, the chance of 15 (an annoying number to have) is very large. Therefore, always play two fives as 10 points, so that you get 20 points for a statistical 10 as the next card.

Tips #3: Double with 11 Points

Always double your bet if you have a point total of 11 on your first two cards. Are the first two cards dealt with you two eights or two aces? Then divide this because with your strategy you assume that the next card will be a ten.

Tips #4: Increase Your Bet

If you win 3 times or more in succession, you have a so-called winning streak or a winning series. The best thing is to increase your bet. This way you make a maximum profit as long as the winning streak continues. In the event of a loss, you immediately lower your bet.

Tips #5: Stop on Time

There is always a temptation to continue playing, but make sure you walk off the table in time, otherwise, you can still lose all your winnings. Keep a profit target in mind in advance and if you have achieved that, stop playing immediately!

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