Gambling on Live Football Matches

Gambling on Live Football Matches

Sports betting has historically started with betting money on football matches or horse racing. Today, football is one of the most popular sports that Malaysian punters like to bet on.

Live Betting on Football Matches

Many Malaysian online bookmakers offer a choice between pre-match and live bets. As the name suggests, in a pre-match bet before the start of the game you bet on a chosen football bet.

With live, you only bet during the match, so you can first see how the match is progressing. In football, a match does not always go as you expect in advance. Betting live prevents a bet from going wrong, because a team suddenly appears in a lesser form or misses an important player.

The range of live football bets is often as extensive as the pre-match bets, although odds are sometimes lower. On the other hand, the odds increase if a team is still in a draw after half an hour of play.

Some bookmakers allow you to cash in a live bet during the match. In this case you will get back part of the stake or you can already get part of the winnings, because the bookmaker thinks there is a good chance that the bet will be good.

When betting on sports it is of course not possible to get free bonus. Online bookmakers often offer deposit bonuses, doubling your deposit. After creating an account with one of these online bookmakers, you often receive a bonus with the first deposit. You can find more information about this on the website of the various bookmakers. Simply, because you can first use the bonus money to see if betting on sports is what you are looking for.

WinningFT is one of the largest online gambling operators in Asia, offering sports betting. It has something for all punters, with events ranging from football to tennis and everything in between!

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