How’s to Play Keno?

How’s to Play Keno?

Keno is familiar to most casino goers because it’s so visible. Anywhere you wander in a casino, you’re bond to find a big, flashing keno board in view. Part of keno’s appeal is that it’s so accessible and convenient.

And although keno offers some pretty dismal odds, its leisurely pace affords you a reasonably slow way of losing money, while still dangling the hope of a payout for a relatively small wager in front you.

When playing keno, your goals is to predict numbers drawn from a large hopper that vaguely resembles an oversized popcorn popper.  From 80 balls marked with numbers, the machine randomly shoots up 20 balls, the winning numbers, in to a long gooseneck. Some casinos, however, modernized and how use a computer to pick the numbers.

How’s to Play Keno?

  1. Choose Your Numbers.

Mark your selected numbers on a keno card with the special markers. You usually are asked to pick anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers, or spot on one card.

  • Make Your Wager on the Keno Card

Keno wagers are among the lowest casino offers. You find brochures explaining the rules and payouts for each type of bet in the keno sites. The typical keno bet is $1 per round, but some games are even lower. You may also bet $2 or $5. You indicate the amount of your wager on the keno card.

  • Give Your Card to the Keno Runner

After you mark the card with all your favorite numbers, give the card and your wager to the keno runner. She takes it to the keno counter and brings you a printed receipt confirming your numbers selections. Don’t lose your receipt! You must have it in order to collect your winnings.

  • Follow the Numbers on the Board

As the round is in play, the 20 numbers appear one at a time on the keno boards throughout the casino. You can tell when the game is over, the last number picked flashes repeatedly on the screen.

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