Is Online Casino a Scam?

Is Online Casino a Scam?

Well, there are many online gambling sites that are rigged, and if you play there, you will surely lose your money, no matter how many times you play.

If you’re new to online gaming, you must have question: is online casino a scam? Strictly speaking, no, an online casino is not a scam. An online casino offers so-called “digital” gambling.

In the early 2000s an online casino offered software to install on a computer and you could play all existing casino games, and for several years, almost the majority of online casinos offer to play directly online without software installation.

This activity is regulated and a casino operator like any land-based casino must have a casino license. However we are talking here about an online casino, and who says online, says that these companies can exploit the different countries of the world to find flexible gaming licenses.

If for a long time we associated the principle of scam to online casinos, it is because the first online casinos exploited this flaw consisting in exploiting “exotic” countries to offer online games, not paying players and have no possible legal impact in the event of a complaint international short-circuit.

Over the time, things have improved considerably. The scams gradually decreased and nowadays it is even very rare to find an online casino that systematically does not pay its players. It becomes indeed too complex to create a company, a company bank account, and to be able to assume many complaints from players while maintaining its activity. The banks are the first to flee from these schemes and also ask for very strict proof of a business conducted in accordance with the law and the criteria of a casino license.

And above all, at the time there was little casino software. Some online casinos had managed to find unscrupulous software to be able to modify players’ random draw in real time, and thus be able to cheat transparently.

To conclude this first chapter, at the moment, no, the online casino is not a scam. Casino software is all subject to audits. They have become completely independent companies and offer their games to companies that want to open online casinos.

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