Main Betting Markets for Formula 1

Main Betting Markets for Formula 1

Formula 1 is a mixed form of teamwork and individual work. This is important for us to understand the betting markets.

Another important issue: the drivers do not score during the race, only at the end. Something that differentiates F1 from sports like football. Using this comparison as an example. In Football, the points (in this case the goals) occur throughout the game, which, in turn, is divided into times.

In this case, it is easier for houses to find more markets. Handicap, Under / Over, result in the 1st half, among others.

In F1 the number of markets is reduced. This does not mean that they do not offer good earning opportunities.

Main Betting Markets:

1. Champion Driver or Champion Team

This is undoubtedly the most common market within F1. After all, everyone wants to know who will be the champion of the season.

It is more common to find this type of bet focused only on the driver. The construction companies’ championship is not that popular with sportsbooks.

2. Driver vs. Driver

A very attractive market is the driver vs. driver. Here we bet on which of the pilots of a team will arrive at the front at the end of the season.

Example: you can bet who among Hamilton and Bottas (drivers from the same team) will score the most points when the championship ends.

3 Winner of the Race

One of the most interesting markets in Formula 1. Mainly because the title favourite is not always the race favourite.

4. Faster Lap

Incredibly, the winner of a race in F1 is rarely the one to make the fastest lap. From that, we can create some strategies to do well in this market. And the first one is to get to know the driver well.

5. Podium Formation

Defining what the race podium will be is a risky bet. But calm down: it is a controlled risk for those who watch F1.

But don’t be fooled. It is not because the starting grid is defined in a way that it will continue in that format throughout the race.

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