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WinningFT Singapore Keno

WinningFT Online Keno is one of the best forms of the game that you can play from the comfort of your home. The game is originally from ancient China.

Playing Keno is similar to playing the lottery. Keno only goes a lot faster than lottery and therefore delivers faster results. Keno is very popular, partly because it is such an incredibly simple game. Though Keno is considered purely a game of chance, there are, in fact, some strategies that do help in winning.

You can receive large payouts by placing relatively small bets. The aim of keno is to predict the outcome of a draw of different balls, each of which contains a number (1 to 80).

In normal casinos, Keno is played in special rooms. Sometimes there are even ‘Keno runners’ who make a winning bet at the table where you are playing at that time.

In the online version, there are different kinds of the game like Keno 9 and Keno 12 where you need to pick 9 numbers and 12 numbers respectively out of the 80. The 80 numbers are arranged in eight rows on the screen.

Before you start playing, choose a minimum of 4 digits between 1 and 80. You may not choose more than 10 digits. The selection you have made and every number that goes with it is called a ‘spot’. You play in a ‘10 spot’ game when you have chosen 10 numbers.

After confirming your selection, 20 of the 80 digits are randomly drawn. Depending on the number of figures that you have guessed correctly, you are either not a winner, or a small winner, or perhaps even a big winner.

The minimum bet can be as low as $ 0.05, but usually when you play Keno you play with a bet of $ 1.00. The online casino always explains how payments and handling of your winnings work.

The winning you make depends on your bet and the number of ‘spots’ that are played with. At Singapore WinningFT it is possible to win $ 50,000 with a bet of just $ 1.00.

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