Sic Bo Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sic Bo Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sic Bo is a casino game of Chinese origin that is played in land-based or online casinos. It quickly spread throughout the Asian continent before reaching its current popularity rate around the world.

Due to its name, the word Sic Bo literally translates as a pair of dice. If at the start, the game consisted of throwing small pieces of bricks on two plates, previously stirred in plates or bowls overturned.

Today is the time to modernise the game and all that surrounds it. Players and bettors use a play table, a shaker cage and of course the famous dice

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Sic Bo a simple casino game to understand?

Sic Bo is a particularly simple dice game of Asian origin, you just have to throw a pair of dice, and see if the score corresponds to one of the bets made on the play mat, as we would do with a game of roulette! You are free to know the types of bets possible and not to hesitate to combine them.

Are there any Sic Bo live games with live dealers?

Yes, the software specialised in live casino games Playtech allows you to play “Super Sic Bo”, a superb game where you will be accompanied by a live dealer to entertain you.

Can we earn money at Sic Bo?

It is not possible to generate real money by playing free Sic Bo games. They are only there to entertain you and introduce you to the world of the casino through the different types of games available.

Is it possible to do like roulette and practise martingales?

Yes of course, and it is even recommended to try to vary your bets according to the behavior of the game to optimize your winnings and gain pleasure. There are as many martingales as there are individuals, you can be creative and enjoy a free Sic Bo game to optimise your approaches without risk of losing money.

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