Singapore Online Sports Betting FAQ

The sports betting markets in Singapore has continued to be a very popular as pect of Singapore sports fans. Despite the heavy restrictions put into place by the government, Singapore sports bettors get in on the action every day to play to win big.

Is sports betting legal in Singapore?

As much as the bets are framed in games of chance, the restriction is only in national territory.  This means that by using an international betting site, you are, in theory, exposed to the laws of that company’s home country. And, for the most part, these places allow sports betting.

What types of sports betting can we play online?

Another frequent question from bettors is the types of bets that the platforms allow. Generally speaking, we can group them into three categories.

  • Pre-Live: This is traditional betting, placed before the game starts.
  • Live Betting: It’s allows you to make bets while the game in progress.
  • Long Term: Finally, there are still long term bets, which are valid for a longer periode of time. This is the case, for example, of betting on the champion of a competition or on the teams that must advance through the phase.

What matches do sportsbooks offer?

For those who like to work with different types of matches, good news: they exist a lot in sportsbooks. Nowadays, even reliable sportsbooks, which have a more specific profile, have excellent match coverage.

There are traditional sports, such as football, tennis, and basketball. However, there is good coverage of the other sports as well. This is the case, for example, with volleyball or the growing eSports market.

What are the first steps to earn money with a sportsbook?

Are you intrested in sports betting? So you’re probably eager to start trying for extra income. The good news is that the process is very smooth on the most diverse sites in the category.

You need to visit a website and create an account. Each platform has its particular process, but they usually present it in a simple and objective way.

Afterwards, the next step is to make a first deposit. Finally, with money on hand, it’s time to bet your favourite sports events and start making your predictions to try for extra income.

Wwbet is on of the best known and used sportsbooks in the world. It stands out in the offer of markets and coverage of modalities, being the great refrence for many bettors in the floodplain.

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