Tennis Betting: Match Interruption Scenarios

Tennis Betting: Match Interruption Scenarios

Different other scenarios can affect a Match Winner bet outside of a player’s retirement. For example, if a match is interrupted or is abandoned for some reason, other rules come into play. We sure you would like to know what will happen to your bet in this case.

Here we show you the most common scenarios on the tennis:

Walkover: A walkover is used in many sports and is quite common in tennis. Tennis walkover is a situation in which a player wins because the opponent is unable to compete and therefore has to give up. Since tennis competitions are most often tournament form, the standing player will go directly to the next round. In this case, all bets for the match are void and considered void.

Weather Conditions: Tennis matches may also be suspended and postponed to a later date for technical and weather reasons, such as darkness and rain. For example, we have seen a number of US Open 2019 matches suspended due to heavy rain and wind. In such cases all bets regarding that particular match will remain pending until the game is over on another day or at another time.

Withdrawal: The cases where a tennis player is injured during the match or is disqualified by the referee due to bad behavior are more frequently observed in tennis nowadays. In such cases, bets are settled as described in the retirement section above.

It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules of tennis in their general sense and their impact on the betting options you get from bookies. Additionally, it is even more important to know some key tennis betting rules derived from the following operators that we have singled out.

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