The Different Bets Available in Sic Bo and Their Odds

Sic Bo is a game played with three dice. The goal is to perform a variety of combination games and bets to possibly win money.

Each player can make several bets at the same time and then be paid out according to the odds indicated on the table.

There are 5 possible bets in Sic Bo:

Number: Players bet on one of the dice. If the number you bet on comes up, the player wins a win equal to his bet.

If this number appears on two dice, the player wins twice the amount of his bet. If this number appears on three dice, he wins his bet three times. The casino’s advantage on this type of bet is about 8%.

Two Dice: This bet is made up of a special combination of two different numbers. If the player bets that the numbers 1 and 6 will come up, and they do, then the casino will payout at 5: 1. The casino’s advantage on such a bet is about 17%.

Totals: The player can bet on the total sum of all three dice. The player then chooses a number between 4 and 17.

Since the combination of the surfaces on the dice can be changed for a selected number, the odds vary depending on which number is chosen.

Big/Small: Small pays if the sum of the dice is 4-10. Big Pays if the sum of the dice is 11-17. Both bets lose if any triple is rolled (1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, 5/5/5, or 6/6/6).

Triplet: Here you bet that each dice shows the same number. If this happens, you will win big (150: 1), but the odds are not really in your favor with this bet: only 215: 1, which gives a 30% house edge to the casino.

All payouts in Sic Bo are indicated directly on the table and of course depend on the type of bet used by the player.

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