The Most Common Casino Myths

The Most Common Casino Myths

Since the definition of gambling basically boils down to leaving things to chance, you would expect the seasoned players to accept this as well. However, there is no shortage of conspiracy theories – and players are still doing everything they can to prove that the casino is engaged in sly activities. These activities, according to players, are designed to reduce the chances of winning money or even to die entirely.

The following are the three most common casino myths you should to know:

1. There will be a big win soon f a slot machine has not paid out for a while

When players have been playing on a slot machine for a long time and it has not been paid out for a while, they think that the slot machine should at some point come with a big victory. You can gamble until you weigh an ounce and not win a single prize.

It is also possible to win a progressive jackpot within a few spins. Slots are designed so that every spin is a random, isolated event, so there is absolutely no guarantee that you will have big wins on your next turn if you have not won many spins.

2. Experienced roulette dealer can determine where the wheel stops to avoid big payouts

There are some casino myths surrounding the roulette wheel. There have been conspiracy theories where the dealer are thought to know exactly how hard to throw the ball in the opposite direction for a particular outcome. It would be extremely difficult to implement this and we think that you are also dealing with a casino myth here. Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that some dealers may have some influence on outcomes by being properly trained.

3. Changing seats in poker can improve your hands

There are plenty of reasons to change your place at a poker table, but your hands won’t get any better. Sometimes it seems that way and suddenly you get better cards – but that is pure coincidence, or you can call it luck.

Some players get good cards in a row, it has happened to us often enough in a live poker tournament that we got AA and KK in a row. That’s just part of it. It also happens often enough that you do not get tens of hands at all and it seems as if the deck has turned completely against you. While the spot can certainly have some influence on what cards you receive, it won’t help you win more money.

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