Why and How to Refuse Bonuses from Online Casinos?

Why and How to Refuse Bonuses from Online Casinos?

Bonuses can be a great opportunity, but in other cases they can freeze your funds and ultimately be a trap for the untrained player. This casino file will help you better determine if you want to exploit a bonus and if not, how we can refuse this commercial offer.

Understanding Wagering

Wagering is a common concept and often linked to online casino bonuses, it is a condition added to most bonuses. When the casino site indicates a wagering of 30 for a bonus (for example a welcome bonus), it means that you must play 30 times the amount of the bonus offered before you can make a withdrawal.

For example you have made a deposit of $200 and the casino offers you a 100% bonus. You will therefore have a bonus of $200 which is offered to you and you will have a total of $400 to play. But you can only withdraw your winnings by having played at least $200 the amount of the bonus offered x 30, i.e. $6,000.

In Which Case and How to Refuse a Casino Bonus?

Some players prefer never to use a bonus to make sure they are free to withdraw their winnings at any time. This can also be understood by the fact of avoiding having to assimilate all the subtleties of certain bonuses.

For example, it may happen that the wagering differs in percentage depending on the game chosen, or you have a deadline to exploit an amount offered, etc. Some online casinos do not lack imagination and some abuse it to trap players but generally they are not very serious casinos and that do not last very long.

If you want to be as free as possible and take the time to discover a casino without being linked, in this case it may be worthwhile to refuse a casino bonus.

To refuse a bonus, especially the welcome bonus, nothing could be simpler. You can make a deposit but DO NOT start betting. If a bonus has been allocated to you automatically, quickly contact the casino team (chat is the easiest way because in real time your request will be taken into account).

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