WinningFT: Betting on the Qualification of a Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Due to the increased popularity of Formula 1, more and more people want to gamble on this sport. Bet your money on the driver you think will be the champion or the team that will win the constructors title this year. Or do you prefer to focus on a single race with your sports bet?

There is no doubt that Formula 1 is one of the most underappreciated sports when it comes to betting at WinningFT.

F1 Betting Offers Plenty of Options

From mid-March to late November, F1 teams travel around the world. There are races in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. The Belgian Spa-Francorchamps, the British Silverstone and of course the Monaco street circuit provide a spectacle every year.

On a race weekend you can choose different sports bets when betting on F1. Would you like to be ready for the qualification? Then bet on the driver who takes pole position. It can also happen that you are in doubt, but you are sure that there is a Ferrari car on that coveted first place.

At an online sportsbook like WinningFT you can simply bet your money on qualification. You can indicate whether you think the winner will win pole position with more than 0.2 or less than 0.1 seconds difference. The qualification immediately becomes extra interesting with this type of bet.

Traditionally, Saturday is reserved for Q1, Q2 and Q3. And once the starting grid has been determined, you can be ready for the race on Sunday. Many gamblers wait until this point before placing a bet. You even have the opportunity to wait and see how those first important rounds go. You can also bet live on the Grand Prix at WinningFT.

With a live bet you can prevent the chaos that sometimes occurs at the start from affecting your bet. Whether you go for live or pre-match there are plenty of F1 bets anyway to select from. Determine who wins the Grand Prix, who finishes on the podium or which driver will at least make it to the top 6 or top 10. With this, the list of bets is far from complete.

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