WWBet: Top 3 Tips for Betting on Basketball

WWBet: Top 3 Tips for Betting

Although not as popular as football, basketball betting has succeeded in becoming one of the preferred markets for punters around the world.

Learn how to win basketball betting with WWBet Sportsbook

Regardless of its entertaining nature, basketball remains a profitable market, especially for bettors who like to use a bit of strategy to increase their chances of winning.

We recommend that you spend some time reading the following tips:

  1. Forget Your Favourite Team

If you are a loyal fan of the sport, you will have noticed that the favorites rarely lose, as basketball upheavals are extremely rare.

There are plenty of examples of favourites who just need a few minutes of focused play to tip the scales of a game in their favor. This usually happens in the second half, following a tirade in the coach’s locker room. This is considered the best basketball betting strategy by many professional players who like to place their bets only on these types of situations. Either way, if you are backing a losing favourite, you will know by default that you are betting on valued odds.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Total Points in the Fourth Quarter

This is another popular basketball betting tips. One thing you should always remember before placing a bet is to take a look at the sportsbooks’ online betting rules. Most sportsbooks take into account points scored in overtime, as part of the fourth quarter.

So if you come across a draw where neither team has built a safe point difference, it might be worth betting on the point total. You could win either way, perhaps from a number of free throws in the closing minutes, but if the game does go into extra time, you’ll have five more minutes of play to go over the point limit.

  • Use of Basketball Lines

The best way to use this tip is to study the favourite’s upcoming games, especially in American basketball leagues and regarding teams that also participate in much more prestigious international competitions.

You can do better on basketball betting. Use the three tips highlighted above to give yourself and advantage at WWBet Sportsbooks.

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