Zero Roulette Game

Zero Roulette Game

The zero roulette game is an established standard to make betting easier. The green zero box is the starting point and the fixed combination bet is placed around it. Including zero, of course, because it’s not called a zero game for nothing.

The game revolves around zero and its neighbors. This means that you bet on zero and the numbers next to it. This results in the following combination: 0 – 32 – 15 – 26 – 3 – 35 – 12. This means that you use your stake in the game zero roulette plays on seven tracks simultaneously.

In the regular roulette game you must use four chips in this case. You cover 0 – 3 with a chip equal to 12 – 15 and also 32 – 35. So you used three chips and covered the last number 26 to play zero roulette game. You have to go online every time you are a roulette play four chhips on the columns. However, there is a simpler solution available.

In the zero roulette game you can use the so-called race track to simplify betting on combinations. It is, so to speak, an extra betting column that is shaped like a racetrack.

Next, you see the normal column and next to it the race track, also known as the neighbors game. It is now possible to place a chip for the zero roulette game. Just click on a chip and bring it to the green square zero on the race track.

The game rotates so that you only see the race track. It is now much easier to place a zero bet. Hover or move your mouse over it and you can cover multiple numbers right away. Make sure you have covered all the numbers (0 – 32 – 15 – 26 – 3 – 35 – 12) for zero roulette. After placing the bet, the race track moves away again when you press the spin button. The usual roulette wheel is then visible to see where the ball stops.

There are two reasons why the zero game is popular for playing in the neighbors game in an online casino. The first reason has already been mentioned and revolves around the convenience of covering multiple numbers with a single chip. You do not always have to pay attention to put four chips in the right place, as you do in normal roulettemesa is the case.

The second reason why zero game is popular is because, as a player, you can quickly see if you have won. The numbers are neighbors of zero. Players often have the feeling that they are watching the ball in this segment with numbers. That’s what makes it so popular for the zero roulette game to play.

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